Sound Bars

Sound bars are what makes our music run without a legitimate sound bar we wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy our time off and enjoy our tunes. That’s why it is always important we know what we are looking for in a sound bar before we buy one.

First of all, it’s all about the subwoofer; the part of your stereo that will give it the boost you need in order to not only hear the vibrations but feel them drift across the room. A very simple way of knowing whether your stereo has subwoofers or not is by the name, if the name has .1 for example 2.1 then it has a subwoofer. Channels are counted very simply. The first number represents the number of speakers you will encounter in the hardware of your product and the number after the period represents whether or not the speakers come with a subwoofer. The one represents one subwoofer, if it has a zero instead of a one then there is no subwoofer included in the stereo system.

The whole point of a subwoofer is to give musical patterns bass frequencies that are extremely low, they will basically be converted into vibrational patterns so not only will you hear your music or television more clearly, you will be able to experience them on a whole new level.

Besides the subwoofer, another feature you should look at is the front number before the period which will let you know how many speakers the stereo, actually, has.



 Vizio 38″ 2.1 Channel Sound Bars

  • with 100 dB of space filled with crystal clear sound with less than 1% sound distortion, this bad boy was made to rock your house down and make you dream of sound
  • Wireless subwoofer for that awesome bass anywhere you go!
  • Built in Bluetooth for that wireless; feel-free to room around the house and still be able to change the music dream come true.

Vizio 29″ 2.0 Channel Bar

  • comes with standard speakers that fill up 95 db of the room, which is a decible used to measure sound waves
  • less than 1% of total harmonic sound distortion
  • Built in Bluetooth let’s you listen in on any chanel of your smart tv

Akixno 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Speakers

  • The 2.0 Chanel sound bar comes with 10W speakers, ready to rush the sound off your television, taking you into the ultimate sound effect experience of your lifetime!!
  • Comes with the option of either wireless of wired, so it can hook up to any system on your home or on the go
  • Wall mountable remote control sorround system.

Vizio 38″ 5.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofers and Satellite Speakers

  • This complete true ultimate sourround system puts you right in front of the action
  • Built in bluetooth let’s you steel the show from anywhere in your house
  • five speaker set + wireless subwoofers for those very low bass frequencies

The 5.1 sound bar is set up with

  • five alternate speakers
  • plus the ultimate subwoofer for those very low-frequency vibrations reaching you all the way to your very seat.
  • This custom sound bar comes with four physical speakers plus the Toscable so you can connect to you television for the ultimate sound system
  • 2×6″ HDMI Cables & a cleaning kit for sanitation reasons

Vizio 38″ 2.0 Home Bluetooth Speaker

  • These speakers are probably not your first option but when you look at the price and the amount of work someone put in to bring you quality sound to your home, might change your mind a bit.
  • This 2.0 speakers is a normal (left + right) stereo speaker and won’t give you the ultimate vibrational feeling you were looking for but it does have a relaxing deep bass feel
  • With it’s new slick and modern look, fits perfect with 42″ + over, modern day, televisions.
  • Up to 100 dB of room filling technology that will blow your mind away and leave you missing your stereo every-time you’re away from it.
dB is a decibel used to calculate 
how much noise there is in an empty-room.


Wotmic Wired and Wireless option for that comfort at your very home. Along with built-in bluetooth with a remote control mountable sound bar. The sound bar is a 2.0 chanel system and is 38″ in length for that extra spacial decibel usage.

Comes wtih two full-range speakers, the LED display screen in the front, and sensitive buttons on the right side. Providing you with a booming and thunderous lucid sound from the future.

Expert set up additional $84.29