I am an individual discovering the world of blogging and transforming myself everyday. Unfortunately, or should I say, fortunately, most of my transforming has become through reading so you can’t really tell that I’m working on the blog. I found it to be more soothing reading other people’s blog rather than writing one right away.

The process for setting up this blog has been exhausting but fun and I feel will get better throughout time. I find I spend more time ignoring products that I don’t find appealing and just focusing on niche items that are eye-picked by me, personally.

These styles and products are very modern and up-to-date. I do have small goals I am working on developing this blog and one of them is to write bios of how products got started and how creators developed such awesome products so a lot of it really is reading.

As well as, I play a lot of music and I hope to one day share it with you on my blog.

Also, if you could very kindly leave any type of feedback. Positive. Not so positive. Extravagant.

You can contact me and leave me feedback through our contact page.

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