Baby Sonic, Baby Tails, & Baby Shadow

IMG_20180423_172208IMG_20180423_175124IMG_20180423_175126IMG_20180423_190553Baby Sonic, Acrylics, Acrylics Paintings, Sonic, Reeves

Hope these Baby Sonic photos make your day. My nephew’s request and I actually painted it how I saw it, I grabbed it off the internet and used my acrylics that an awesome program I am working with help me get. The program I am working with is helping me get my life situated and this is part of me getting my life in full working order. I didn’t do much research on Sonic but I did discover he is a hedgehog (15) and he has a friend named Tails. I actually learned more about Tails than Sonic

Tails is a mechanical genius and is able to propel himself high up with his tails. He is an eight year old hedgehog and I think I should be playing more video games.

IMG_20180424_135038_burst_0102 Tails03 Tails

20180425_113837 (1)20180425_11480120180425_12010920180425_120955

By the way these are the acrylics I used, very good quality. I recommend, they were easy to work with and not very time-consuming. They are soft and I was just sticking the brush in the tube and it work out perfectly for the detailing.

As a matter of fact, here are some eBoot acrylic brushes that are perfect for detailing and should get you started on the works of acrylics.

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