Baby Sonic, Baby Tails, & Baby Shadow

IMG_20180423_172208IMG_20180423_175124IMG_20180423_175126IMG_20180423_190553Baby Sonic, Acrylics, Acrylics Paintings, Sonic, Reeves

Hope these Baby Sonic photos make your day. My nephew’s request and I actually painted it how I saw it, I grabbed it off the internet and used my acrylics that an awesome program I am working with help me get. The program I am working with is helping me get my life situated and this is part of me getting my life in full working order. I didn’t do much research on Sonic but I did discover he is a hedgehog (15) and he has a friend named Tails. I actually learned more about Tails than Sonic

Tails is a mechanical genius and is able to propel himself high up with his tails. He is an eight year old hedgehog and I think I should be playing more video games.

IMG_20180424_135038_burst_0102 Tails03 Tails

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Bones Don’t Lie

Bones don’t lie is an excellent murder-scene novel with very descriptive language and imaginative scenery.  If you’re looking for an interesting story where Bones don’t lie, you found it.

I found it to be very interesting how someone could explain such a dramatic scene very vivid language and found it easy to comprehend. Since I only read the sample, it did have me wanting for the full story and in suspense the entire three chapters of the sample.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartbreaking story to reflect on, one that isn’t powered by romance but by the disappearance of a young ten year old’s father.


The Makings of Me.

At first, she was a girl with her head bobbed open and I felt like I knew her from the start. My heart trickles as I write but writing I am and breathing I am not as there are flames up my heart and my mind is nude beyond belief. I grief to my own self of the pain and the misery but not the death. Luckily not the death. I could have been alive or I could have been breathing. I felt it wasn’t her, it wasn’t me, but it was and my hands had just drewn her, sitting down on the pavement and I am amazed by how I got the detail right and how it fits the moments after I lit the candle that would change my life.


The whole world knew it and yet I was the last one to know. How could I be so dumb in a world of very intellectual individuals. How could I yet I was the one facing the fears everyone keeps dark and hidden. Facing not only death as a candle but death it’s self as I still wake up breathless and haunted by my own nightmares.

A long time ago someone told me I would be changing the world but not the way I thought, the way I did.

In fact, it didn’t changed, it stayed just the same but what I was hoping for was a lot more than what happened.

See I got a wish and my wish came true but not the dream.

Not the dream that I always wanted. A career that I built, in order to escape, my shell, and I call it my shell because it soon because my shell and my only means of smiling and having a good life.


I am an individual discovering the world of blogging and transforming myself everyday. Unfortunately, or should I say, fortunately, most of my transforming has become through reading so you can’t really tell that I’m working on the blog. I found it to be more soothing reading other people’s blog rather than writing one right away.

The process for setting up this blog has been exhausting but fun and I feel will get better throughout time. I find I spend more time ignoring products that I don’t find appealing and just focusing on niche items that are eye-picked by me, personally.

These styles and products are very modern and up-to-date. I do have small goals I am working on developing this blog and one of them is to write bios of how products got started and how creators developed such awesome products so a lot of it really is reading.

As well as, I play a lot of music and I hope to one day share it with you on my blog.

Also, if you could very kindly leave any type of feedback. Positive. Not so positive. Extravagant.

You can contact me and leave me feedback through our contact page.