One of the world’s largest piano manufacturer out there and of highly recommended quality. Yamaha is a conglomerate with a very wide variety of products and is including guitars, saxophones and more.

Yamahas are known for their sense of tune and style and are known to be frequently used.

This Yamaha is known for playing the sound of an acclaimed concert grand piano and is a perfect alternate to a grand piano. The 88-key piano is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end which is perfect for the dynamic playing you’ll get.

Pianist Styles turn your simple tunes into full blown melodies with beats and sexy accompaniments.

Comes with bench, stand and three-pedal accompaniment. Instructional book for easy how-to-use and instruction DVD for a quick follow-along. Also, comes with music sheet rest so you can comfortably view your music and follow along. 

This Yamaha creates the power and tone of CFX grand piano and is very cheap compared to the quality it produces in sound. It’s a loud product so you might think about placing it in a quiet spot as it’s meant to be the center of attention.

Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) with synthetic Ivory keytops calls for experienced or beginner player with proper technique; back straight, around out, one leg forward.

Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) allows for full vivid sound when playing any of the various pieces you can play on this Upright Digital Piano with the same feeling and emotion you get playing a concert grand piano.

Includes padded bench, music stand, power supply and sheet music book. 

Schiller Piano Company/Conover Square 

Schiller Piano Company began in 1890 and operated until 1971. The company merged with Cable Piano Company in 1936 and has since produced thousands of pianos under the names Conover and Cable.

Schiller were made to last and play beautifully now comes with a 10 year warranty, matching bench included. Weighs 325 pounds; professional at home delivery with package.

The instrument incorporates Siberian Sitka Spruce wood a very long lasting material. German Roslau Strings which are made out of the finest grade of steel for that precise sound.

Really the piano is a beauty with proper techniques I’m sure you’ll be playing like an awesome pianist in no time. If you need any piano lessons, check out my blog for links to piano courses.