Microwaves are a form of heating our food without the extra habit of having to cook a full-blown meal at the stove. Microwaves are essential to our eating habits and without them, we would not have the same advantages as we do today. A microwave is a tool designed to use and converted energy into heat and safely transfer that heat to our frozen or unheated meals. Even today, we have technology that does and doesn’t advance some advantages, for example, use innovative inverter technology to treat your foods as a stove would.

When shopping for microwaves the first thing you should look for is to see if there are any innovative inverter technology set to it because it allows for the heating to evenly transfer onto your food. This way not only would the middle of your food be cooked but so would the edges and the side of potatoes you slipped in last minute. Knowing what to buy and when to buy them is a perfect way to put your thinking cap on and safely obtain the right microwave for yourself.

To start we will begin to examine Panasonic features

Panasonic Technology

This six-button, one-touch cooking functions; you are able to cook popcorn, pizza, potatoes, all kinds of easily cooked meals, it functions on a surge of powerful 1000 watts and power levels that allow you to customize the temperature anywhere between 10% to 100%Again most of the items we will be putting here are inverter technology equiped and are the best choice when looking for a microwave.

We have the ultimatle Panasonic Countertop Microwave W/ Inverter Technology meaning it’s perfect for people who love an EVENLY cooked meal as it uses innovative technology to put 1250 watts of energy to a well-defined evenly cooked meal


RCA Black Microwave Oven 10 Power-level touchpad technology glass turntable with child-lock features small capacity comes in stainless steel, red, and various other colors click any link for details.


This 1.9 cu. ft. microwave is ready to cook some spaghetti fully charged with 1000 W for quick defrosting and everyday cooking 14″ turntable that fits any size plate.

Don't let the picture fool you click more for details.

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