Leggings, the almighty leg covering mind pleasing style that everyone loves. Worn by women as a choice of fashion since the 1960s, are typically known as leg warmers or as everybody knows them tights, weren’t always known as tights. In the 18th century, leggings were used by men as a cloth or leather and worn from the waist down to the ankle. Notably, leggings were worn by trappers and soldiers in the 19th century and are described to be made of wool or leather, which is not only a good style in fashion but is relatable to today’s leggings made out of fleece.

With that being said please feel free to explore any topic of leggings and hope for more fun information to head your way soon that you for your patience. 

Hue Leggings

Women’s Made to Move Completely Blackedout Opaque leggings; Opaque means made to be non-transparent.

Made to Move with all that flexibility and made to not be seen through; opaque art scaled shapping thighs leggings

Hue’s Women’s Opaque tights made with extra flexibility on top for that extra movement needed while strutting them hips

Black, Espresso, Graphite Heather

Hue’s Super Opaque Utterly thigh and waist tight leggings made to be super comfortable and relaxing all while giving you that ultimately tight look

Black, Graphite Heather, Navy, Espresso

Hue’s super opaque style is a little less opaque than the ultimate black out style but is still very opaque; comes in various colors click for more details.

Black, Espresso, Graphite Heather, Aubergine,

Woman’s Opaque sheer to waist tight is speacially designed for any occasion; offering many different styles these leggings come in plaid and are meant to be stylish

Black, Espresso, Navy, White, Thunder & Buffalo Plaid, Black Plaid, Red Plaid & Buffalo Plaid, Sienna, & Solider Thunder.

Hue’s Ultra Legging Wide Waist Band made out of 56% Cotton, 38% Rayon, 6% Spandex, is nice to wear with heels for a comfy night out with your girls

Black, Graphite Heather, Espresso

Hue’s brushed down fleece leggings warm and soft, perfect for the snow, for rainy days or for school. These are the cheapest of this line so far.

Black, Navy, Cobblestone

Hue’s moto active mesh leggings are a perfect fit for those who love the double-layered-clothing style and appreciate this combination of grey and black leggings.

We also have them in black,multi, and castlerock.

Women’s Essential Denim Leggings for $34.99 with faux front pockets for that classy style with functional back pockets, contrast gold top stitching.

Deep Indigo Wash, Black Powdered Wash, Stone Acid Wash, Black, Medium Wash, Graphite, & Napa. Sizes x-small to 3X Large.