Kenmore Stove Tops

Stoves are described as an enclosed space with fuel and energy burning to create a heated environment which will, thus, cooking food is a good way of putting it. However, my stoves are the ultimate, one of a kind, perfect get-away, for when your bros-in-law are around and you can’t find the perfect seasoning these stoves understand your struggle. They are ready to make it right and make you look number one in your kitchen!

With all due respect to the innovative technology we are seeing these days, these are the ultimate future of kitchen-aid. Stylistically speaking, these stoves are classy and will have your friends in awe due to the convection experienced through these ceramic stove tops and since they are ceramic, they are easy to clean.

   The Kenmore Self Clean Electric Range on sale for 529.99 + free scheduled delivery some assembly maybe required, shipping to select citites.

  • Ceramic Glass top
  • 4 element inclusing a 12-inch element and a 9/6 versatile element



Freestanding Gas Range Stove fits anywhere in your dwelling, includes a choice of delivery 4.2 cubic feet capacity, 5 sealed burners for that futuristics style, 14,200 BTU (British Thermal Unit), central ovens perfect for the middle griddle cook.





Gas Range in Stainless Steel with 18,00 BTU (British Thermal Unit) this bad boy turns boiling eggs in a jiffy




Kenmore Self Clean Electric Double Oven Range in Black Stainless Steel

One of the features you would enjoy very much is their true convection garauntee; the bottom ovens are wired to balance the heat so that the bottom ovens don’t burn your turkey on thatnksgiving!!!

Kenmore Self Clean Electric Range in Stainless Steel with speeded Accela Heat technology that allows you to cook foods up to 10 minutes faster than ever before!! Simply turn, ignite, and simmer for those wonderfull cooked eggs with bacon!!

  • 3200W of Turbo Boil Flex