Did you know that Oster Technology was owned by the same company that owns Sunbeam?

Narly way of juicing up the conversation. The firm was begun in 1924 and was named Sunbeam later on, through a company-wide contest by a guy named Edwin J. Gallagher, who was a traffic manager for the company. There isn’t much history to Oster except the guy who found and invented the products was named John Oster, who deserves a thank of grattitute because without him we wouldn’t have the simply products we have today.

Please enjoy the following products from our oster selection:

Oster Technology

Oster JusSimple2- Speed Clean Juice Extractor Rich Thick Glass for that warming touch to your home. Adding a classy look the Oster JusSimple2 Speed Extractor, extracts and disposes of any extra-wide chunks in it’s stylish waste compartment on the left (the black compartment). This JusSimple2 is a fit for those who love  a two-speed juicer. This style is very fashionabe you recieve it with a very fancy container for your juice and is offered as a 5-speed style as well.

Fill, Blend, & Go with the all-new Oster MyBlendwith a functional travel Sport-waterbottle; very convinient for those special workout blends on those days where you just don’t have time. Just fill up your cup with strawberries and bananas, cover, press, and go; you’re all done and ready to workout!

  • 250 Watt blender
  • 20 ounce blender

Aicok is a North American and popular in Europe brand that is ready to juice up your home. Aicock has brought to you many different products and brands, for example; coffee makers, steamers, kettles, all in one awesome company.

The Aicok community has really good 4.5-5 star ratings and many people have used their jucing skills to feed their babies homemade juices. Aicok one of the strongest up to date companies world-wide has provided us with an extraordinary amount of products. From coffee makers to juicers to bottle openers, they will always have stunning technology. 

   Aicok Technology

Aicok Juicer with efficient 1000 W powered motor that will never rust or dull out. Extra wide-mouth shoot so you can put large pieces of fruits and veggies that will extract smoothly. 76 mm wide feeder chute for that strong pulps with whole fruit chop and slice features. 

Cold Press Juicer Machine with a quiet motor for nice chilling juice extractions, multipurpose in case you want to switch between your veggies and fruits goes up to 80 rpm for higher juice quality and drier pulp, convenient, easy to use with a 3 year warranty

Juicer Aicok, Slow masticating Juice Extractor 2018 model with higher nutriton value and higher yield of juice this bad boy was ready to crank up to power at 150 W for slow juicing. That’s why they call it the masticator. This one has an upgraded mesh filter from the older models. And it also features the Stylish Wheel Shape design with a larger container for the juice. Delicious way of making your Belly Buster Green Juice Recipies.

 Slow Masticating Juice extractor with 3 strainers for that ultimate cold slow press that is going to give you that extra yield of juice and that mouth-watering vitamin tase. This juice extractor was meant to replenish your body and your mind and help you create juices that will help you out throughout your day.

Again one of Aicok’s many fine quality items featuring the mighty Juicer Juice Extractor 3″ Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel juicer. Three-speed juicer machine for fruits and veggies or for non fatting juice mixes. A healthy way to begin each morning.

Hamilton Beach Technology 

Hamilton Beach juicer technology ready to solve all your problems of cutting, squishing and extracting juice from your fruits. Now comes with a three-inch feed chute so you can get all your fruits in there with no rounds of cutting, dicing or chopping. This model is a great model because of the amount of time the chute saves you and because of the large capacity of juice you are able to make without the need of cleaning or removing the trash bin. It’s that easy to keep making juice without cleaning and cutting as much.