Disguise your fashion sense with some of the world’s best accessories, fitted to your taste.

A pendant is a necklace that hangs around your neck designed whichever way you please, this pendant is a crosshatch tassel style. Crosshatch because of the way they are interlocking parallelly and a tassel is describing the loosely hanging threads that are normally attached for decoration.

A facet can be referred to as the face of a diamond. This Pyramid facet is one of a kind spectacularly built for that very one person, it was hand crafted and design in China. And made out of a material called lucite.

These dangle earrings are waiting to take a swing off your ear. They are romantic, flashy and hand-crafted designed to make you shine throughout the night. These bad boys are made out of .925 Sterling Silver which means they’re pretty much made out of money.

Angel Wing heart necklace a great gift for mother’s day.

Chain length 18.2″ + 2″ adjustable. Pendant width .96″ and .9″ height.

Rated 4.6 stars out of 5, many love the way this necklace compliments their skin. White rhinestone choker for those days you need to unleash your outer beauty.

Backed with a 90 day guarantee. Rated 3.7 by our customer reviews. Some have worn as a headband or a choker and say it’s very attractive and glamorous.

This beautiful leaf designed tassel is ready to be worn by any one who’s ready to show their love for silver made out of grade A alloy and is a great show stopper for your quince or for any party or night out

A very good looking pendant good for when you are showing cleavage and you want something cold reflecting how extravagant your smile is.

Have you been stuck not knowing what to give your mum for mother’s day? Today is the perfect opportunity to get her earnings with a matching necklace. Perfect wear for a lady looking to feel extravagant in at the most casual dinners.

A shiny pendant worthy for the apple of your eye. A good way to catch her eye and making her smile, ending in the perfect date.

Try our one of a kind sterling silver I love you forever pedant to show your love for that special someone by giving them this gorgeous heart of significance.

This hand-finished radiant necklace is flat out amazing will make you feel elegant, has a very discrete look to it, not too flashy but just the right amount of amazement you’ll find in this beauty.

Extravagantly made out of 14k gold diamonds and will make you flourish and apparent sense of accomplishment. Comfortable and engineered just for you!

Celebrate any special occasion with this marvelous 14 karat white gold, pear-shaped 2.50 carats created by Alexandria Diamond Pendant stunningly shaped for the love of your life.

If not we have many of stone pendants that will blow your mind away. This one can be worn with something spunky and still be the center of attention.