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A little bit about Samsung the company; it was founded in 1972 by Lee Byung-Chul as a conglomerate that styled textiles, retail, and other divisions; including security systems. Following Lee Byung Chul’s death, the company was later dispersed into smaller divisions in order to better manage their global foundation. The company has then, been able to manage quite well in maintaining their business extremely occupied and has been able to magerly contribute to our world’s technological globalization. Just like apple, we have to thank our samsung team for creating such wonderful communications between us and making our lives easier on a daily basis. 

Black Bundle: Both Dryer and Laundry

Samsung is very good quality, featuring; add-a-wash compartment along with power-steam for efficient use of laundry detergent and wrinkle-free clothing

The same style same features only a bit cheaper due to its originality it’s 2,499.99 + free shipping, no hook-up included, however, the features of add-a-wash and power steam are still available.

Samsung Electric Steam Dryer With Drying Rack, Platnium with 15 preset dry cycles, 11 options, 5 temperature setting, five dry levels + drying rack and eco dry

Perfect dryer for any soccer moms out there 
or anyone with a heavy  load; good for 
company drying

This model is part of the add-a-wash package involves the same features as the above styles only this style is a sleek white that gives a taller sleeker look to your home. This one goes for 2,000.00 and includes free shipping. Installation extra. Click on the link for more details.

4 cycles features, various settings; Air Fluff, Bulky/Bedding, Casuals/Permanent Press, Cottons, Damp Dry, and many more setting to warm up your dirty laundry.
Extra Low, Low, & HOT!

Samsung Activewash Bundle Special with megacapacity HE High-ranking Laundry System with matching electric dryer

12 presets, 10 options, 27″ 7.4 cu. ft. aof high technology with an highly alluring black to finish that fancy look in your home

Samsung Powerfully High Efficient Front Loading Laundry Set was made strong with a 4.2 cu. ft capacity as a washer and a 2.8 laundry basket you’ll speed up the laundry process in no time!!


Samsung Energy Star Front Load Steamer Washer with Power Foam technology creates a gentle foam that easily removes any damaged inked material and restores fabrics to it’s natural form

Click to see image!!

Samsung Front-Load Gas Steam Dryer with Vent Sensors with 13 preset drying cycles, 11 options, 5 temperatures, & 5 dry levels + drying rack and eco dry; this large heavy 200 lb 7.4 cu. ft. dryer was meant to be the center of the room; just open pop in a load and press a button 

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