Refrigerators (Kenmore)



Kenmore Technology

Displays a side-by-side view of your Lunchables and frozen meats, conveniently placed next to the ice-dispensers made out of stainless steel.

Free Delivery & Hookup Included

Stainless Steel with an Active Finish for quick fresh cleaning with French Doors, Bottom Refrigerator Included (Style: Grey)

Ice-dispenser not included

Free Shipping & Hookup Included

Elite Type one of the best-reviewed fridges on-site French Doors with Bottom Refrigerator (Style: Black)

Ice Dispenser with LED lighting for special effects

Free Shipping and Hook-Up Included

French Door Refrigerator includes Stainless Steel with an Active Finish for that beautiful look at first glance (Silver Style)

No Ice Dispenser Bottom freezer included

Free Shipping and Hook-Up Included

Elite Kenmore State of the Art Ice Dispenser trusted by Accela Stainless Steel for easy cleanup

Various Shelving compartments and awesome door cabinets

Free Shipping and Hookup Included

Bottom refrigerator with three drawers great for vegetables and fruits

Door Cabinets good for full gallon beverages along with french doors that open up to a well-spaced area enough for plenty of containers.

Beautiful Ice Dispenser and water dispenser with selective buttons

Free Shipping and Hookup