Fire Places

Fireplace Technology

Uniquely appealing due too it’s dimensional form contains an ice flame easily visible after 50000 hours of flame LED realistically looking flames along with popping sound effects perfect catch perfect for 400 square-foot places for that smokeless warmth you needed

Energy Saver 120V Electric Front Panel Touch Screen Good for Office, Home, or anywhere additional heat is needed 1 to 8-hour timer, touch screen panel with 5 burning speeds, two heat and energy savings

Table-top, floor standing, or wall-mounted all winning features along with remote control electrically operated features good for those extra chilly days

Fire Pit for outdoor home patio ready to bring the heat at any time you are. This fire pit is durable long lasting and will ready to turn heads and light up the place. Includes lava rock and easy to use turn on button comes with a 108″ hose I believe that’s for the concealed propane compartment. Rated one of the best fire pits and worth the money.

Enjoy the wonders of a fire pit in your own backyard with your friends comfy and relaxed. All while enjoying a soda or two feeling warmer on the cool breezy nights. Or if you’re in Hawaii or tropical areas, it’s a great way to pass the time.