Crop Tops

Hello everyone and welcome to the crop top section where not only will you learn about the history of crop tops but you’ll be able to purchase one of our many styles. Crop top refers to a top with exposure of midriff or waist, navel and has been enjoyed over many years ago when three belly dancers became known as “Little Egypt” exposed their waist and became very popular. We have since seen many cultural attitude changes about crop tops.

It wasn’t until the late 1960’s and 70s that crop tops began to be accepted worldwide. Today you can wear any style of crop top and not be neglected or instigated for showing off your belly. Crop tops have left and came back in style for many years now and the best part is that overall you get to feel comfortable wearing one.

This crop top exposes the navel and could be worn during the summer when the sun is at it’s highest peek. It’s perfect wear for when you are feeling exposed and covered simultaneously. Click here and find out how you can purchase one of many styles like this one. Mocha, White, Black.

Ready for summertime? Don’t wait too long here is what you’ve been looking for this nice styled crop top with some shorts or some leggings would look glamorous. A crop top favorite for E.D.M. music festivals or any backyard gig, or beachwear attire. 

Ready to crop out your bottom half? Get something that will satisfy your taste like this ultimate flower style that will create that perfect figure look; would look great with a jacket and some boots.

Or go cut open from the back showing your skin a nice way to let some breeze through on a summer day.

This style is an amazing t-shirt style crop top that comes in forty different colors and shade. Click if you want to learn more.

Choose between a long  sleeve,

or going sleeveless.

Either way, we’ve got just the crop top for you whether it’s a sweater. This sweater says Friends on it so you can give it to a friend a show them your love or you can buy it yourself if you love the t.v. show. 

C’est La Vie I believe this is French for that’s life we have them in black and white. 

Or try one of these lace crop tops to match your beautiful complexion. To show off your favorite features.

Comfortable black and white checker crop top for that sexy feeling while you’re out on a date or a for a simple trip to the movies.


Want to meet your new best friend? Gain some smiles with this crop top at the beach would be perfect wear to get rid of your chest tan line.

Click and wear one of these hollow designer crop top perfect to let your light shine through and a great way to feel inspired and powerful.

Speaking of powerful, feel empowered when you wear one of these flower designed crop tops by feeling covered and lady-like all at once and still being able to show off your waistline.


Click and wear this loveable sunflower shirt that anyone would love to wear during the summer. It’s a breathable, movable material that would lovely on anyone.

Not into sunflowers? We have a Navy Blue design shirt that will fit your style just click and enjoy any style. 

Ready to got plain we also have a regular styled crop top that will go well with any pair of shorts or leggings.


Tired of plain? We also have yellow so you can shine brighter than any diamond in town.

Ready to be strapped down? Don’t feel forced to conceal it all, we have styles that will show your lady features without exposing too much of your body. 

Or trying to cover it up? We have your back on this one, style it with this awesome sporty yellow crop top sweater that will show your glamour from the distance. 

Or sport it up with this fitness crop top that will help you lift more power than you’ve ever lifted all while feeling sexy and comfortable.

And then cover it up with these east coast sweater that will cover you up and boost your confidence level.

and get a matching crop top while you are at it so you can stun the party with your good-looks.

Click and wear one of these flowy half sleeved crop tops with floral design. This cropped style is a self-tie long v-neck that will spark up a conversation on the dance floor.

If not wear this casual loose cartoon shirt that gives anything but smiles and confidence throughout your day.

Try sporting one of these shirts that look like marbles but tastes like cookies.


Need something warm? There is this gray styled crop top that is casual, stylish, and warm will comfort you any day your children will.

This designer hooded crop top is a workout favorite. It’s a perfect wear for when you are feeling sporty, lazy, and beautiful.

This is my favorite crop top it is a comfortable fit and made out of breathable material and would look cute with shorts or leggings.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed these crop tops and remember to help out this website by purchasing one of our crop tops or other clothing/ appliances/ makeup.