Adidas Hoodie for those nights of long runs sweating on the track


Adidas duffel bag

Long sleeve floral tunic perfect for those EDM parties or a night out at the downtown bars comes in various style Floral Red, Multicolor green, black-green, very pretty combinations, go check out the links !!
Interesting Prints for jogging sneakers; comes in various many different styles and are the highlight of the tab Interest Print. More to come! Click for details!

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Anne Klein brand hand-made out of Swarovski Crystals

Women’s Sexy Long Sleeve Denim Jumpsuits Rompers

Olchee’s line of nylon Pantyhose made to last 100% satisfaction garauntee! Black Nude/ Nude/ Mix ‘n Match

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Me-Moí Boston Ribbed Sweater tights Cute winter-wear for women

Ribbed meaning they are up to the ribs for the ultimate sexy, eye-catching, friend-stealing tights that will have everyone's jaws dropping
Don't forget the sweater : )

VIV’s collection Women’s Printed Brushed Casual Summer Shorts; very high fashion for very low price; printed in a nice high energy vibe and vey eye-catching heavenly paradise desgin

Comes in various styles

Just a little of the products and services we offer. Great quality. Bamboo Wood Polarized Glasses for Men. Very stylish and great for the outdoors for anyone who needs a little extra eye protection from the sun.
We offer many styles including but not limited to;

Our pink segment is dedicated to these young ladies that are full of life and open hearted. Pink is a color associated with romance and conveys compassion plus it’s a very cute color.
This pink embroidered women’s wedding designer sequins wrap represents love and passion and it’s fabric contains 1 blouse piece and 1 Saree. The Blouse is unstitched 1 yard; width 44″ approximately you can make like you want a blouse/cholis, whichever feels more comfortable.

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Hue’s Women’s Ripped Knee Denim Leggings perfect with any kind of heels or for a casual summer day out at the theaters. Don’t forget to shop for shoes. Next week, more blue jeans sarees, and we’ll work on heels as well. : )
Also featuring this laylala bluetooth beanie headphones with instructions on how to set up to your phone. Perfect to keep you warm and entertained all at the same time.

This week’s styles rompers with a little bit of flowingness, for after you’re done with that flawless makeup style in the morning.

This beautiful style coming at you from JianSELRES_94e26a4f-040f-4312-814b-fbb0e26da7a9SELRES_68134937-6c6c-4470-b6a0-d1f4b1176ec1SELRES_af064d52-08a2-45c0-aba6-5a99982b77ffSELRES_c30cbba3-07a4-4df9-a341-e553cb17b098SELRES_951d48b8-3a34-4458-bcde-7b924b86eb2dSELRES_2e01ba2d-f27f-473b-aefc-d8c3b1b931b3SELRES_e75cee2f-fdb6-4c5a-9e1f-034ec70ee136SELRES_5a8537bf-4736-4f05-b515-c57bf0011ad5SELRES_f7083fea-acaf-4a12-8f8d-8e505531540fSELRES_88c8fd0d-222a-4079-808e-2a0812026e29SELRES_250d1e82-b6d2-4411-bbd4-6fdcd5c50069SELRES_ab1e21f1-4f22-4c67-a006-86739e5acccbSELRES_926d4046-5956-4147-b3c9-ed9454bf1133g SELRES_926d4046-5956-4147-b3c9-ed9454bf1133SELRES_ab1e21f1-4f22-4c67-a006-86739e5acccbSELRES_250d1e82-b6d2-4411-bbd4-6fdcd5c50069SELRES_88c8fd0d-222a-4079-808e-2a0812026e29SELRES_f7083fea-acaf-4a12-8f8d-8e505531540fSELRES_5a8537bf-4736-4f05-b515-c57bf0011ad5SELRES_e75cee2f-fdb6-4c5a-9e1f-034ec70ee136SELRES_2e01ba2d-f27f-473b-aefc-d8c3b1b931b3SELRES_951d48b8-3a34-4458-bcde-7b924b86eb2dSELRES_c30cbba3-07a4-4df9-a341-e553cb17b098SELRES_af064d52-08a2-45c0-aba6-5a99982b77ffSELRES_68134937-6c6c-4470-b6a0-d1f4b1176ec1SELRES_94e26a4f-040f-4312-814b-fbb0e26da7a9Tao Lang leg warmer’s account. They are beautiful they make for good accessory for leg tights and they come in various colors.

Beige, Burgundy, Dark Grey, Gray,

Woman’s beautiful stylish long dress, casual, elegant, flowy designed to brighten up your smile and make you feel sleek and full of action.  

Try some of our outdoor water shoes perfect for the swimming pool or days you want to use your Slip ‘N Slide so your feet won’t irritate easily comes in various different fun designs and are comfortable dry or wet.

Just remember to air dry so your feet won't stink ; ) afterwards. 

Try one of out awesome maxi dresses with many wild and exotic casual prints. Sorry you can’t see the image, hopefullyt it’ll be working again soon meanwhile click on this link.