Stephen Hawkings: A Brief History Of Time

 If you want to read more about wormholes and fluctuations patterns this is a good book from our dear late Stephen Hawking which portrays his very peculiar humor as well as his intellect, left behind.

I only got to read the sample of this book which features David Shukman, who you can follow on twitter. He is all over the place, as in he travels, shares media, shares information, and is a Science Editor for BBC News and has had the honor of writing the introduction to Stephen Hawkings’ 2016 Black Holes. You can get it on Amazon for a very cheap price of 2.99 for your kindle and it’s a great read for those of you that love a little bit of hardcore knowledge on your lap. 

Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in A World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

Bob Goff’s altering way of what he think we should be and what he thinks God intended us to be is a beautiful insight on how love functions within those realms and it’s main role in our society. See what he believes is even in our worst and most difficult times everyone could be loved and everyone should be loved as God intended. He comes to speak at how comfortable he feels knowing that God didn’t intend us to be perfect all the time but instead made us to be “rough drafts” of the person we’re becoming.

This is a very interesting book because I, myself, have had some encounters with God and I understand the subtleness the humor of the lessons Mr. Goff mentions because in the beginning of the book; the author explains to us why this is his third book and not his second. Being that his second book got stolen before it was ever published made an impact on me today.

I wanted to write how appreciative one can be even in a moment of despair, having to write an entire book and then have it stolen from you is awful but having the ability to write one all over again is remarkable and that is why I am sharing this one of a kind novel with you guys today.

If you want to learn more information please feel free to click on the link above.

I Know Coffee: Harvesting, Blending, Roasting, Brewing Grinding, & Tasting Coffee

The part of the day where you get to let all your fears drift away and your morning started. Yes, the wonderful time of coffee. The art, the history to it, and the taste spectacular enough that all my problems go away in one sip. If you’re looking for a book on how to make the most amazing at home coffee here’s your chance to get the inside scoop.

You’ll learn what beans are most commonly used and the history of the Coffee Cherry which is the fruit of the bean coffee comes from. You’ll also get to learn about harvesting the seed and how changes in elevation, rainfall, or average temperature can have a significant change in the way your coffee tastes.

Find out more by getting a sample at Amazon Free Kindle Reads.

Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for A Better Life

Heart Talk is a book of compilation notes that are written in a, beloved form, for us to become almost a listening ear to the words of Cleo Wade. Heart Talk is full of notes meant to inspire you at your weakest moment and almost even become your friend along the way. It’s not a complete romance novel, which is good, because instead the author turned her pain into “fuel that only goes as far as it’s tank” and created a series of short stories and inspirational notes for us to keep going forward.

P.S. she makes it okay for us to rip out the pages of her book and use them around our house, or locker as a way of inspirational means. A way to help keep us going when we have no strength.

A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, & Leadership

A book I am reading, A Higher Loyalty was written by James Comey who wants to declare something much more than truth, lies, and leadership. He wants to take you into a journey of self love and worth and his path that unfortunately caused him to lose his job due to outrages movements in the 2017 election.But he also talks about his life and how the being Federal Prosecutor and Business Lawyer for four decades has changed him. About how his career as a Federal Prosecutor has evolved and changed him and some of his experiences with high-ranking mafia leaders that have been prosecuted. It’s a good read for any occasion.