Blue Jeans

Blue jeans come from a fabric known as denim which is also known as the Dungaree Cloth. The Dungaree cloth is spelled as the “Dungri” Cloth in Hindi & goes as far back to the 17th century, which originates from the impoverished city of Bombay, India named Dongri. In the city of Genoa, Italy denim was used as for sailmaking in the repairing and making of sailboats, hand gliders, wind-art, and many more sailmaking activities such as kites. The difference between denim and dungaree cloth is that denim is made out of a cloth that is then colored and dungaree cloth is woven straight from colored yarn.

So when you are out there you will know the difference between Dungaree and denim clothing.

Hue’s Curvy fit pull on jean leggings are ready to party whenever you are or for a regular day out with some boots or converse would really catch someone’s attention.

Midnight rinse, Graphite Wash,Black,Medium Wash,WhiteSuper Smooth Denim Legging; comes in Cast Iron Wash,Ink Wash,Night Wash,Vintage Wash,Black, & White. Perfect for a casual day with some popcorn or some heels. 

Hue’s Women’s Ripped Knee Denim Leggings perfect with any kind of heels or for a casual summer day out at the theaters. Don’t forget to shop for shoes. Next week, more blue jeans sarees, and we’ll work on heels as well. : )

Ink Wash,White,& Black

Next these very sexy and stylish romansti Skinny Curve Slim Fit, a very pettite at the waist style. This style was made out of lightweight and comfortable, breathable material some of which is cotton and polyester.

Indigo Society women’s classic pull on jeans (mid-rise). Skiny blue jeans made out of cotton, rayon, polyester, and spandex are ready whenever you are to flash that smoking hot look.

Black,Dark Blue,Light Blue,Medium BlueLilly Parkers Women’s High Waist Destroyed Ripped Boyfriend Jeans very casual ripped jeans you can wear to any party, end before the ankle and has pockets.

Dark Blue,Light Blue

Wax Junior Timeless Low Rise Stretchy Skinny Jeans the best never-ending way to show you are fun and responsible for, the low rise, and the curvy calves, your shadow will be looking and feeling fine.  Basic stretchy fit on one of a kind jeans, made to last really flashy with heels on they’ll go really good with any comfortable shoes, you can choose the Denim you want to show off.

Dark Denim,Medium Denim, Denim,Light Denim
Buffalo David Bitton Capri Jeans made out of polyester, elastane, cotton, & lyocell. Made out of material soft enough to wrap around your skin and tough enough to hold your shape without wearing or tearing.

Grey Wash,Light Blue Denim,White

Levi’s High Rise Skinny Jeans are made from cotton, denim, and various other materials good for a fun time at the movies.

Women’s baggy overall with linen and adjustable shoulder strap with front pockets a good fit to an 80’s style music concert or for any special occasion. Plus this style is made of Dungaree material meaning it was wooven with colored yarn, making it really good material.


Waxed Denim Jean Slim Fit Stretchy Skinny Jeans rocking the cut style like any fashion ready girl out there. Ready to be worn with a purse and heels or any comfortable shoes.

Sidefeel Women Casual Destroyed Ripped Jeans are a stretch-made material made for leisure activities for your time off when you’re just trying to strut them stuff.

Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Light Blue, White, Blue 2, Light Blue 1

These super skinny jeans feature a low rise waistband for comfort around the hips and made out of a stretchy denim with 90% cotton.

There a little on the expensive side but probably 
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