Aphro Leggings

Aphro Women’s footed semi-opaque two-pair leggings made out of imported material for that awesome elasticity without tear or damage to your leggings.

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Aphro women’s Opaque WARM Fleece lining Pantyhose Tights

Fleece meaning they are made out of sheep or goat 
Only the lining is made out of fleece for that warm 

Aphro’s Semi-Opaque footed leggings ready for any occasion perfect with dresses, skirts, or cosplay

Semi-Opaque meaning they are semi-seethrough 
and semi-nontransparent

Aphro Women’s Compression tights are perfect for when you have to be very active at work have a compressed belly area which will make you forget you have them on, Super Comfortable, Super stretchy, Non easily deformed

Aphro’s Women’s Fleece Velvety soft and warm leggings perfect for your everyday use at home or when you are feeling lazy or those cold nights at home

when the sun don't shine : )

Aphro women’s set of two semi-opaque leggings with the top underwear fully opaque the perfect soft warm style to wear with skirts, dresses, or underneath shorts.

Black & Grey, Black & Nude, Black & Brown, & Various other colors click any link to get started.