Anne Klein

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Anne Klein was an American fashion designer and born entrepreneur. She was born in a town of Brooklyn, New York as Hannah Golofski and later changed her name to Anne when she married Ben Klein. After, Anne Klein’s death in 1973, her fortune was left to her second husband and part of her companies shares were left between her other business partners to share. Today, we still have many of the wonderful products she was able to style and fashion throughout her time.   

Anne Klein

When picking out your watches there are a few things you might want to look at besides the overall look of the watch.

First of all, let’s look at the length and the color of the diameter of the watch.

This watch is 30 mm in diameter and is gold-tone around the perimeter of the dial.

Featuring aren’t always going to be noticeable to you. A watch might catch your attention and you might not know why until you really look at the design.

This watch has markers 12, 3, 6, & 9, features that are very detailed, which makes them irreplaceable eye-catching details that we soon want on our wrists.

We might also choose a watch depending on our mood for the day. Maybe we are feeling kinda subtle with a flashy vibe, loosing track of time because of how beautiful the day is so we find a Pink Gold Tone-watch to spare us the smile that we are really feeling on the inside.

No seriously. This watch has a very soothing tone sometime it isn’t about the quality of the watch but the tone that’s defining how we feel on certain days.

But when we are talking about quality we might be thinking gold and diamonds but what about the features?

This watch has a crystal lens that is slightly doomed at the edges for that very Earthy Compassy vibe with Roman Numeral which is a unique twist when going retro.

But if we are talking diamonds why don’t we talk about Swarovski crystals. No? How about 88 clear hand-crafted Swarovski diamonds with a gold canvas.

And I’m only calling it a canvas because the watch is beautifully engrained with texturized floral patterns around the wrist area of the watch.

Comes with a beautiful Crystallized Dial with Swarovski crystal that come from Austria and are hand placed around the perimeter of the dial especially for you.

Some things you might want to look at while you are shopping for watches to is if they come in sets. Some might offer you bracelet matches to combine with your watches like this:

  • Rose Gold Tone watch for any special occasion
  • serves as a great gift for that special someone
  • set comes with X-Bracelet with Swarovski crystals, polished bracelet with Swarovski crystal-studded charm and bangle with pink enamel fillRound black watch with black dial and crystal-studded bezels to give you that complete shine and glimmer without being to flashy.

30 mm gold-tone case with a mineral dial window which is an important feature to look at because depending on the type of material the window is made out of, will determine how easily your watch will break or not.

Mineral dial windows are built to be shatter and scratch resistant and are made to last longer than windows made out of Sapphires and other fragile, expensive materials.

This exotic set of four is the perfect gift for any occasion, a wedding or a birthday gift. A round watch featuring a black glossy dial with gold-tone hand and stick markers at all counts.

32 mm alloy case with a mineral dial window for that extra fine-tuned protection.

Also a feature I haven’t really talked about is the Japanese quartz movement.