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Aesthetica Creme Countour Kit

Ready to represent higher cheek-bones & demonstrate how sophisticated you really are? Try one of these grade A palettes from Aesthetica’s products. For only $28.99 you can get Aesthetica’s rich thick creamy countouring kit.

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to apply simply follow the instructions and face-guidelines with three matte foundations and three matte highlighters great for high-quality pigmentation coverage for that natural, cheek blend you’ve been waiting for.

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Not into Nudes?

No Problem. Before you head off to the gym apply some of this perfect combination of colors for that natural redness (rosacea “look”)

comes with simple step-by-step instructions with multiple combinations for that at home personalization only $9.97.

Those foundations not doing enough for you?

Don’t stress it Aesthetica took it into their own hands to cover up your pores through their specialize minimizing foundation Primer, which maximized every droplet into the perfect amount for your facial features.



So if you are,

Ready to mess up someone else’s day??

We’ve got the solution with this tan-to dark powder contouring and highlighting kit; three matte dark powders for that deep contouring no one else owns and three illuminating powders, so you can show your coworkers how powerful you feel in our products.

Not only that but you can embrace your sister’s particular style with this nudes palette including bronzer, highlighter and with easy step-by-step instructions on application face diagrams included with each kit. This set comes with three matte foundations powders for contouring, three for illuminating and highlighting.


Got two sisters? No problem Aesthetica comes in many lavish stylish cases with various different shades for that ultimate get-together with your friend where you all shine luminously all night long. Simply follow step-by-step diagram for that stunning contour look remember that these sets are removable and refillable.

Again, Aesthetica’s style comes in many different forms; Lagure contouring creme palette for that secretive look only you know about containing six shades of perfectly smooth skin tone colors defining your every move, so you can be as sick and mean as you need to be.

Learn and personalize your tips and tricks and perfect them by defining and look your best with the all-inclusive style handbook teaching you how to apply, shape, and define your best features.

Still not enough? Don’t worry we got you covered with this ultimate Banana Setting powder is translucent enough to give you that ultimate full covereage on days where your makeup is giving you a hard time this makeup setting powder will help nourish wrinkles and set your face with the ultimate face complexion

Wanna look a little more stylish? The matte finishing powder is translucent enough for that sharp finished which will allow you to save powders because you can actually see how it soaks up excess oil, softening your fine lines, and hiding any pores.

Plus you can let them know you learned a new word translucent, allowing light but not entire images to seep through, meaning you allow your radiant light to shine through the translucent powder while it sits radiating its own beauty in your Michael Kors bag.

Not enjoying your day? Did you break your foundation? Refills for the contouring kit colors come in Heiress, Chandelier, Wanderlust, Honey Love, Summer Nights and Chic Parisian contouring is great for making your structure feel perfect and highlighted in certain areas that need to pop before you go and pop the guy who broke your make-up in the first place.