Aesthetica Eyes

Eye Brow Palettes

Still not doing it right?

Eye Brow contouring done the right way, without multiple trips to the store you get all the convenience of choosing between six different shade with high definition highlighting powder setting wax, tweezers, it even comes with five eyebrow stencils so you don’t even have to spend extra money for the stencils

Sculpting Duo

Sculpting duo for those perfectly shaped eyebrows where you have thinly shaped eyebrows to fullen, thicken and lengthen the shape of your eyebrows for that very flawless design perfect for those nights outs or get-togethers.

Perfectly shape your eyebrows with this surgical-grade stainless steel tweezers perfect for everyday use of shaping, grooming and removing those fickle hairs that never want to leave their post

The Aesthetica Pro Series Double Ended Brow comes with high-quality bristles that won’t tear or wear out and a spoolie of the other end wrapped in stainless steel for that finishing touch straighten, shapes, and configures the shape of your brows into that amazing celebrity look

Eye Liners

Felt Tip Eye Liner

One of the slickest for tip using and quick drying long-lasting waterproof eyeliner with a cheek tube comes in a variety of wings for that sexy panda smudge or that sneekish stylish cat.