This week out today:

Check out the styles we are featuring this week, all in time for casual fun day Friday. Join us by wearing one of our unique fashion choices and blend in with the rest of town with our fashion list. Here are the top hot stuff out there.

First check out my style sense by listing one of theses adorable Ella Moon’s long smocked dressy shirt long til the knees. Personally, I like things that cover my but part so I think this style is lovely. Not only do you get coverage but you get to feel downright stylish and sexy. Could be styled with some leggings and Interest-print or Guility Shoes.  

 If that’s not your fit we’ve got classic Ella Moon’s Adrina’s Dress made out of Rayon which is a good tough-thin material and made to last. It cover’s you to above your knees which is a fantastic way of showing of your legs. Find some shoes to compliment your complexion.

Or rock some sense into your day by styling one this colorful beauty is ready to spunk up your night and keep you on your feet. 

Or if you want to go extra-flowy in this unique casual dress with extravagantly designed flowy floral patterns. We also have it in Black & Navy, this one is called Art Nouveau Floral.

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