Stuff You Should Know

Podcasts. So I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately as a way to de-stress myself and I believe it’s working. The episodes I listen to are:


  • SYSK Selects: Who Killed JFK?
  • Does Pyromania Actually Exist?
  • Emojis: A New Language? Nah.
  • SYSK Selects: How Mirrors Work
  • The Two Times In The 70s When People Burried Ferraris
  • How Paramedics Work
  • What are False Positives
  • Meals On Wheels

I didn’t think I was going to be advertising this podcast so I didn’t listen in depth to answer some questions but I did get to learn a few tips and tricks about meds and why the don’t run to the scene of a crime. Really interesting. By the way Meals on Wheels a good opportunity for everyone. It’s a way of feeding the needy without doing much in return.

Burying Ferrari was also a good podcast, you get to listen in on how two people on separate occasions buried a Ferrari. I personally love cars so I was able to listen to the entire podcast without loosing focus.

The psychology behind emojis and why the exist, who invented them, and why they only allow certain emojis at a time are also all questions that will be answered in the emoji’s podcast.

Also if you don’t have Amazon audible or prime; a good alternate to listen to these podcasts is on Spotify (this link takes you to Spotify download).

One thing you should know is Spotify is for free and Prime you need a membership for it to work. Your choice. ; )

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