Gym Ups

Okay this blog isn’t a big deal but it’s important to stay healthy and that comes with exercise and healthy choices.

Workout routine:

  • Run for two miles
  • 100 situps
  • 100 leg workouts
  • 100 arm workouts

All while listening to Eminem ft. Sia Guts Over Fear


The secret is to do a little, do them right and do them everyday. Don’t try to beat the person next to you because you should be focused on yourself and your own senses. You might strain yourself if you pressure yourself to much so pay attention to that.

When I workout I like being aware of my senses. For example, when I do sit ups I pay attention to what’s around me and I sit up when my senses tingle. This way I am ready for combat whenever I’m alert of the streets. It’s a good technique to practice, if you know what I’m talking about.

Good tips for running:

  • Don’t run outta breathe;
    • if you’re running out of breathe slow down, there enough opportunities in life to catch up with everyone else.
      • slow down to catch your breathe and make sure your lungs are working properly, keep your core tight by squeezing it a little bit, this will begin to slowly shape your stomach and reduce the slight pain on your lower stomach (that everyone secretly complains about).  Remember to catch your breathe!
  • Make sure your calves are properly stretched
    • Some people’s muscles work better if you stretch them before the workout they tend to tense less and the blood circulation does not get cut off as often.
    • Other’s stretch afterwards it’s a good way of reminding your muscles that you’ve worked out and had a healthy run so now you need them to cool down.
  • Note:
    • Your body needs to cool down large amounts of blood in seconds so think of it as you are stretching the amount of space for the blood to circle around that particular muscle (you are stretching) .
  • If you want to learn how you can build muscle like I am going to be doing coming July 2018 Click here to learn how you can build lean muscle

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