Blueprint for GRIEF

Do we have a blueprint for grief? Not really. In some instances, we like to spend time deep in a bottle but unfortunately for this story there is no blue print for grief, and definitely no space for remorse. There are very few words I can say but I really admired your blog because it’s something deep and something unexpected.

Although, it’s interesting how you feel there are no blue prints when in fact you created your very own blueprint and it’s literally a print of your grief. It’s an awesome way to escape it and in some sort of magical way passing your grief which is a good way of lightening up your day for anyone.

It’s a very spiritual way of saying I feel your pain and I found your pain to be a written in a form that’s very connected to your experience and it’s great that you found a way to release all that fear and vulnerability.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you use every word as an uplifting moment in which you don’t have to feel pain anymore.

This blog is a reflection of today’s reads: Expecting


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