Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in A World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

Bob Goff’s altering way of what he think we should be and what he thinks God intended us to be is a beautiful insight on how love functions within those realms and it’s main role in our society. See what he believes is even in our worst and most difficult times everyone could be loved and everyone should be loved as God intended. He comes to speak at how comfortable he feels knowing that God didn’t intend us to be perfect all the time but instead made us to be “rough drafts” of the person we’re becoming.

This is a very interesting book because I, myself, have had some encounters with God and I understand the subtleness the humor of the lessons Mr. Goff mentions because in the beginning of the book; the author explains to us why this is his third book and not his second. Being that his second book got stolen before it was ever published made an impact on me today.

I wanted to write how appreciative one can be even in a moment of despair, having to write an entire book and then have it stolen from you is awful but having the ability to write one all over again is remarkable and that is why I am sharing this one of a kind novel with you guys today.

If you want to learn more information please feel free to click on the link above.

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