Breaking Comedy’s D.N.A.

Jerry Corley all-time favorite Stand-Up Comedian & founder of Stand Up Comedy Clinic has written a system that will help relieve your funny bone from all the pressure your life has stressed on you, avoiding a good laugh. He is here ready to make sure you can laugh too. Jerry Corley Stand Up-Scientist learned how to break the D.N.A. coding of Comedy and is ready to show you how to break your comedy D.N.A. as well. Please feel free to click on this link to learn how you can make your family and friends laugh as well. Please use this link as the others are here to help you find more information on Jerry Corley.

This is what you get in the package:

  • The 9 Major Laugh Triggers
  • The 13 Major Comedy Strategies
  • Bonus #1 “The Listing Technique Explained”
  • Bonus #2 “Top 10 Ways to Write a Joke
  • Bonus #3 “Joke Writing 1-2-3”
  • Bonus #4 “10 Sure-Fire Ways to Beat Writer’s Block”

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