Singing Lessons

Ever wanted to sing your guts out without annoying your neighbors because you actually sing well? Ever wanted to sing but never had any direction? We have just the solution for you. In fact, Aaron Anastasi is so informational I was able to make this ad out of nowhere just by listening to him. There are eight easy to follow step-by-step methods that will give power, tune, and seamless sound frequencies coming out of your voice.
Or Follow Along,
First & foremost, I would like to introduce you to the product that will help immediately get you out off your comfort zone and onto the internet. Everything you knew about singing throw it away, you don’t need it anymore. Never sang a day in your life? Not a problem, these online courses were meant to help guide you and your voice to the top of the charts even if you’ve never sung before.
This guide provides you with three easy steps that will help connect you with all you need after to sing like a pro, you’ll be receiving; awesome feedback, grabbing your audience’s attention, and reaching out of your comfort zone by improving your Vocal Agility, your Renosance, and your Mix Voice.
The following is a set of steps used to help gain muscle strength and memory in your vocal muscles in order to help build the strength and patterns you need to sing:
What you’ll be improving:
  • Vocal Agility
    • the ability to move quickly and effortlessly from one note to the next
  • Resonance
    • the area that will separate you from having a thin frail voice to a full powerful voice
    • The quality of sound that is fuller and louder
  • Mix Voice
    • Eliminating cracks as well as being able to sing high notes with power without restraining yourself will help you effortlessly
    • The blend between your two primary registry voices; your head voice, and your chest voice.


So what does the Superior Singing Method have that you haven’t learned yet?

STEP 1: IMPROVE: re-training your voice and getting it ready for some challenging vocal exercises
  • Tone
  • Vocal Agility
  • Vocal Strength
    • the power of your voice
  • 50-20-80 principle
    • how to avoid straining when you sing

Step 2: Help Develop: Important & often overlooked singing techniques

  • Best Habits for optimum singings performance
  • A lot of the poor pitch, lack of power, shaky voice, not being able to sing high notes are fixed in this step

Step 3: Contains:

  • Video
  • Audio exercises
    • Vocal Tone
  • Eliminate Nasality for your nose
  • Learn a really cool trick that will give you a pure sounding voice
    • so you can sing on top of your range

Step 4:

  • pitch
    • every note on key

Step 5: Develop: Best lessons & Exercises

  • Resonance
  • Singing power

Step 6: Develop:

  • Mix Voice
    • expanding vocal range
    • high pitch singing without straining
    • smooth out transitions

Step 7: Focused:

  • Vocal Agility
    • Training your voice to transition from note-to-note smoothly

Step 8:

  • Taking your voice to the highest level possible
    • without straining or breaking your voice

If you liked the information don’t forget to click on the link and get ready to begin your own courses and get ready to follow the dreams of your life! Don’t forget to follow my blog and stay tuned for the next post.

Thank you,

Juana Sanchez

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