Today’s Styles:

At G- Universe we offer, clothing specially designed, to your fit your needs and satisfy you’re outta this world taste. Our G-Universe team is specially equipped with State of the Art Equipment used to give you those better and longer lasting colors. We also guarantee the long-lasting use of the Raglan style shirt as it is made out of polyester and is strong will last you for a while just watch out for those armpit stains.


Blue jeans come from a fabric known as denim which is also known as the Dungaree Cloth. The Dungaree cloth is spelled as the “Dungri” Cloth in Hindi & goes as far back to the 17th century, which originates from the impoverished city of Bombay, India named Dongri. In the city of Genoa, Italy denim was used as for sailmaking in the repairing and making of sailboats, hand gliders, wind-art, and many more sailmaking activities such as kites. The difference between denim and dungaree cloth is that denim is made out of a cloth that is then colored and dungaree cloth is woven straight from colored yarn.

So when you are out there you will know the difference between Dungaree and denim clothing.

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