Today’s Styles:

Hey Guys,

So today I’m actually looking at videos on youtube and hopefully six months from now we’ll be making video tutorials but for now, we are just writing reviews in hope of some luck. For those of you who have never seen some of these products at work before, we will be making a list of tutorials already out there and linking them for you guys to our web pages and our blog.

Here’s the list:

  • Family Cool Reviews for Oster Technology
    • These are juicers, I wanted you guys to see the juicer at work because it’s a very well-designed juicer and possibly a great present for mother’s day. It’s got three compartments, one for the fruits & vegetables, one for the juice, and one-wide container full enough to fit a large sum of waste. Also, come with a recipe book you’ll wanna check out and a spectacular eye-catching box that’s going to have your mom’s jaw-dropping.
  • Zona Reviews for the Aicok Technology
    • The Slow Masticating juicer; very easy to use and to assemble. A few tips with this juicer; it’s a slow juicer so don’t try to rush it or force too many veggies down the shoot. It’s only going to damage your juicer faster. The slow masticating juicer was meant to grind down the veggies at a slow pace due to the pulp extractor being so close to where the juice comes out, give the juicer appropriate time to extract the juice and convert the remaining veggie chunks into pulp.

Between these two I would still prefer the Oster Technology Juicer because it’s compartment for the extra-chunks is wider and it doesn’t convert chunks into pulp, it just ejects them into a compartment wide enough to sustain cups worth of chunks in its system. It’s a good size so clean up doesn’t have to be 40 minutes long and it does the job all while looking stylish and clean.


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