I took these out on a blog because they are really good casual or jogging pants and they are good for movement as well. These are similar except they are tight black and they show skin otherwise you can still use them for jogging or they also look good for a casual uptake. Other than that [...]


Her Last Goodbye

This book is a little off from what I normally read but it was interesting how descriptive and the language was understandable. It's a story about a character that disappears and the detective that was on the case gets kidnapped, as well, I believe because I only read the samples and then write the reviews [...]

Cell Phone Cases

Samsung Galaxy case now with better protection and built in screen protector. The case is made out of heavy-duty-rugged material and comes with a holster that you can use as a stand. Is Compatible with: J3 Emerge J3 Prime J3 Eclipse Express Prime 2 Luna Pro Amp Prime 2 Sol Case And will last you [...]

Today’s styles:

Today we have more stuff out on jewelry, we got to learn a lot of interesting information of Indian Jewelry We also have 14K Gold Diamond necklaces if you guys are interested. And also, we added a separate pumps page for extra boldness.

This week out today:

Check out the styles we are featuring this week, all in time for casual fun day Friday. Join us by wearing one of our unique fashion choices and blend in with the rest of town with our fashion list. Here are the top hot stuff out there. First check out my style sense by listing [...]

I’m Lying I’m not working

I'm lying I am working but I have something really interesting to share with you guys that I saw today. It's a link to an video article sharing four separate people sharing with us their story of when they lying has gotten them into tricky situations. These are the stories: 'Transgender' 'Teacher slapped me' 'I'm [...]

Stuff You Should Know

Podcasts. So I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately as a way to de-stress myself and I believe it's working. The episodes I listen to are:   SYSK Selects: Who Killed JFK? Does Pyromania Actually Exist? Emojis: A New Language? Nah. SYSK Selects: How Mirrors Work The Two Times In The 70s When [...]